Why India is such an excellent destination for website design and pitfalls to watch for.
30th March 2011   |   Home

My latest article on why i think India is a great destination to outsource webdesign services. But there are some cautions also thrown in there. View the article here: Cheers, Ron ...

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A graduate of - my four and half years at India's best dotcom
29th March 2011   |   Home

My education notwithstanding  I am a product of I joined at the age of 21, my first real corporate job. Before that I had several small time entrepreneural ventures such as assembling computers, teaching basic computer courses, wri...

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By Invitation - Branding basics by Prashant Pinge
28th March 2011   |   Home

When I started looking around for contributors to this blog, one of the first names that came to my mind was my dear friend Prashant Pinge. He is by profession a top class marketing and branding consultant but first and foremost he is a story telle...

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There's more to life than 1's and 0's - Sheetal Goel
24th March 2011   |   Home

Apologies for disappearing after my debut article. I can make an excuse that I was unwell, that I was travelling, that workload didn't permit me, etc. Or I can tell you the truth. I got a Blackberry. If you have one too, you're probably sniggerin...

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IAMAI releases report on online commerce in India - shows a whopping 31,598 crores in ecommerce transactions
23rd March 2011   |   Home

IAMAI in association with IMRB International has just released their 'Report on Online Commerce' in India. You can download the report from here The report overall seems bullish on India's growth in ecommerce services. The report predicts...

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Has Search Engine Marketing Fundamentally Changed Over the Years?
19th March 2011   |   Home

A client pointed out recently that we seem to be using many of the same techniques for SEO that we were using 7-8 years ago. After the initial indignation I got to thinking about this. Those of us in the technology business tend to consider a chan...

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A difficult leap for online service providers going from free to paid services
10th March 2011   |   Home

Slowly and steadily the freebies on the net are being withdrawn and paid services introduced in their stead. And this is with good reason.  The inital heady days of the web where dotcoms traded free services for headcounts is not longer sust...

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Will social media sites replace Blogs, has Facebook killed the blog? Not likely.
7th March 2011   |   Home

A recent study done by Pew Research Centre titled Generations Online 2010  threw up a host of questions regarding the relevancy of the blog versus the new social mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Here is an excerpt from the study... ...

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By Invitation - The new (online) world order - Sheetal Goel
3rd March 2011   |   Home

I have the pleasure of introducing a great friend and colleague of mine, Ms.Sheetal Goel. She has years of experience working in the online as well as the ad world.   Combined with  her  natural flair and naughty sense of humour she ...

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Google's Latest Shakeup - What it means for website owners in India
1st March 2011   |   Home

The day the earth stood still - for Google that is. The latest algorithm shakeup has shaken up the web design and seo coummunity. Everyone is scrambling to check how it affects their sites. Here's the post on Google's own blog - ' Finding more...

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