What We Believe - A Web Designer's Manifesto
28th February 2011   |   Home

I was struck by a brilliant presentation by Simon Sinek on how leadership is about who you aremore than what and how you create your product. View this brilliant presentation here -

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India's 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable by Netcore and IAMAI
27th February 2011   |   Home

Attended the 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable held jointly by Netcore and IAMAI. Panelists included Ratish Nair- Co-founder at Ad Magent, Gulshan Verma, Country head - Komli Media, Sankarson Banerjee, Chief Information Officer - India Infoline, Sand...

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Blogs are a good alternative for those who cannot afford professional websites
22nd February 2011   |   Home

A part of being a professional design firm is turning down prospects who do not have sufficient budgets for professional web design. For those people we recommend a quick and easy way to get online using Blogs. Many blogging platforms are easy to s...

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Tata Communications, what the hell are they selling anyways?
18th February 2011   |   Home

Here we go again, another telecom company wanting to be the anything and everything of the small business community (SMBs). They are not doing through the organic development but rather through a third party vendors route, reselling establishe...

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Solve Duplicate Content Issues by Using a Canonical Web Address
16th February 2011   |   Home

Duplicate content is having identical content on two or more pages on your site and it can harm your website rankings; here I will discuss how you can cope up with this to boost your ranking in Google. The most common problem - an...

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Blog Sourcing - Getting your customers/users to write your blog.
14th February 2011   |   Home

A service I subscribe to with hundreds of book lovers sent me a lovely mail very nicely asking me to contribute to their blog. Of course this was sent to all their customers. They requested for any kind of contribution - like book reviews, your fav...

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How to convey your ideas and not confuse your web designer
11th February 2011   |   Home

You've finalized the deliverables and fixed the costs. Now its time to get cracking. You will want your web designer to translate your vision into a website. You start out with a verbal brief, conveying your ideas and vision. The designer com...

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Websites at the bottom of the pyramid - Low cost web design in India, an opportunity?
7th February 2011   |   Home

Everyday we read these ads in the paper offering web design services at extremely low rates   and I wonder how they survive on such margins and who do they serve. But as it happens there is a huge opportunity for 'entry level' web design firms...

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Hopelessly addicted to
5th February 2011   |   Home

I have to confess i am hopelessly addicted to What is it? Its a topical website and content discovery website where your tastes and interests are matched to throw up relevent and very very intersting webpages, videos, cartoon...

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By Invitation - Dr. Malpani - What I want from my webmaster.
4th February 2011   |   Home

Dr.Aniruddha Malpani of the world renowned Malpani Infertility Clinic is a long standing client and mentor to us at MiracleworX. His website  is one of the most visited Infertility and IVF related sites in the world. He ...

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