Websites for startups - quality versus bootstrapping
24th June 2010   |   Home

To spend or not to spend?that is the question. A startup is on a tight budget with very limited resources. The future is uncertain and scary. So when the question comes to spending on a website most startup owners face a dilemma. It goes someth...

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Localization of websites servicing neighbourhoods
17th June 2010   |   Home

Earlier the dotcom projects that use to come (and some still do) were the conquer the globe types. They wanted to service everyone from Los angeles to Timbukto. Most of these entrepreneurs dreams were supported by a global credit card payment ...

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How the World Uses Internet
16th June 2010   |   Home

The world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. i.e. 22% of all time online or one in every four and half minutes. The numbers of people visiting the social media sites and blogs have increased by 24% over last year...

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Evaluating your dotcom idea - avoiding the dot bombs
21st May 2010   |   Home

Every week i am approached by youngsters (and sometimes not so young-sters) asking to evaluate their dotcom idea for development and promotion costs. Being in the business I dutifully provide the cost estimates and whatever advice I can throw in. W...

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How to brief your website designer / developer
3rd March 2010   |   Home

You like the portfolio and you love the work. You have decided to go ahead with the web design firm and have even agreed to the cost. Now comes the brief. You need to share your vision for the site with them. Help the web designer get into your hea...

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Selling encylopedias in the time of Google and Wikipedia
2nd February 2010   |   Home

I was disturbed on a lazy Sunday afternoon by a young man trying to sell Encylopedia Brittanicas. That got me wondering..does?  it make sense to sell these costly, bulky books when resources such as google and wikipedia are just a mouse click ...

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Understanding Web Analytics
27th January 2010   |   Home

Analytics is software that generates metrics of a website.   Long before Google Analytics came into picture, most of the webmasters were dependent on Log files while others used web counters. Why is there so much hype around Web Analytics? W...

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21st January 2010   |   Home

I must confess?I am a book worm. I love to read, mostly business and self help books. I always had problems getting my hands on the latest business and self help books and was looking for a library which stocked such books. I could not find any suc...

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Credit Card Payment Gateway Pricing Comparisons
9th January 2010   |   Home

Click here for the latest updated list of credit card payment gateways The success of any ecommerce or subscription based website depends on the efficiency and reliability of the credit card gateway provider with which you have linked your site. ...

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Object Oriented Programming In PHP
6th January 2010   |   Home

Object Oriented Programming, as the name implies, is about programming with objects. But what exactly is an object? An object is an entity that encapsulates properties and behaviour that is specific to that entity. This might sound a little ...

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