Quick Reads - Another set of cool links from the online world.
28th September 2015   |   Home

Here they are: Mind-Blowing Video Shows The Solar System At True Scale With The Earth The Size Of A Marble by Sophie Brown We all love awesome science experiments especially ones made to scale! Larry Page and Sergey Brin paid $1,700 a month to r...

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The democratization of content through social platforms has begun.
25th September 2015   |   Home

The content war is spilling out of the company and personal blogs and onto the social media channels. A resurgent LinkedIn fresh from the purchase of Slideshare and Pulse (an app I highly recommend) has thrown open the doors for content generati...

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Digital Marketing Presentation to Management Students of Agnel
4th September 2015   |   Home

I recently had the privilege to give a one hour talk on Digital Marketing to students of the Agnel Management Institute. The talk covered key areas such as scope of digital marketing, key ideas and concepts and also a look at the various digital...

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Tinder's unique interface is really catching on...swipe swipe swipe
2nd September 2015   |   Home

Tinder has become ubiquitous with dating through its excellent interface (personal note, am happily married, interest is purely academic). Using a simple slide interface it provides a fun and easy selection process. This process is now being copie...

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Quick Reads - A set of interesting links and articles from our online wandering
21st August 2015   |   Home

NYC gets 500 solar powered eco-friendly food trucks This is a story we love. Delicious food and environment friendly to boot! Jon Stewart, Superboss by Sydney Finkelstein One of the comedic geniuses of our time is also a superb leader who...

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Creating an effective content supply chain for your digital marketing
20th August 2015   |   Home

A recent article by McKinsey noted the following, ' astonishing 84 percent of marketers do not have a formal content strategy or distribution process to feed their growing bevy of marketing channels, and they lack any kind of formally mana...

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An unbelievable untapped potential for leveraging digital exists in corporate India
22nd July 2015   |   Home

Being a web design company is tough. Very tough competition, demanding customers and ever-changing technology. However what keeps us going is the potential for business that exists the world around and particularly in India. Corporate India, espec...

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What's all the fuss about Uber - game changer or breaker?
25th June 2015   |   Home

Hardly a day goes by where Uber is not in the news, mainly under some controversy or the other. I haven't seen so much fuss over a company since the old Microsoft anti-trust days. Uber is now quickly becoming a verb like Google. The 'Uberification'...

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Three web design trends that are hot right now!
17th June 2015   |   Home

Web design evolves just like technology and also goes through its own fads and style periods. Designing also changes with the evolution of technology particularly CSS and JavaScript evolutions. 1. Pictures tell the story Large images stretching a...

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Quick Reads - Another set of interesting stories and links from the web
5th June 2015   |   Home

Its a mix of the poignant and the quirky. Here is another set of interesting stories and links. Lifesaving bindi is a wearable iodine supplement by Springwise This is what I call out of the box! A lovely solution for a lovely population. Bre...

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