An unbelievable untapped potential for leveraging digital exists in corporate India
22nd July 2015   |   home

Being a web design company is tough. Very tough competition, demanding customers and ever-changing technology. However what keeps us going is the potential for business that exists the world around and particularly in India. Corporate India, espec...

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What's all the fuss about Uber - game changer or breaker?
25th June 2015   |   home

Hardly a day goes by where Uber is not in the news, mainly under some controversy or the other. I haven't seen so much fuss over a company since the old Microsoft anti-trust days. Uber is now quickly becoming a verb like Google. The 'Uberification'...

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Three web design trends that are hot right now!
17th June 2015   |   home

Web design evolves just like technology and also goes through its own fads and style periods. Designing also changes with the evolution of technology particularly CSS and JavaScript evolutions. 1. Pictures tell the story Large images stretching a...

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Quick Reads - Another set of interesting stories and links from the web
5th June 2015   |   home

Its a mix of the poignant and the quirky. Here is another set of interesting stories and links. Lifesaving bindi is a wearable iodine supplement by Springwise This is what I call out of the box! A lovely solution for a lovely population. Bre...

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3 Thing we want Indian Credit Card Gateways to really improve
11th May 2015   |   home

As a web developer in the midst of the e-commerce storm it falls on us to integrate all kinds of payment gateways for our clients. Many of them are Indian. And let me tell you the experience has been terrible. 1. First and foremost please i...

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On this auspicious day we launch our new website design!
21st April 2015   |   home

It gives us great pleasure to launch our new site design on this auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya. ...

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Mayday! Indian e-commerce portals switching to app only. Right decision?
6th April 2015   |   home

Almost sounds like an April fools joke but it isn't. Web designers get worried when they hear such news although technically there is not much for them to worry about. From May 1st, Indian e-commerce portal will be app only. Flipkart wi...

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Quick Reads - Interesting links and observations from the web
3rd April 2015   |   home

Here's another set of articles and links which we loved. Jony Ive Was Almost Fired By Steve Jobs by Anything about Steve Jobs facinates us and something as interesting as this definitely caught our attention. http://cultofmac....

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The One Thing all social media strategies must have to be successful.
19th March 2015   |   home

Clients often get caught in the 'what, where and how' of social media marketing. Hours are spent on budgeting and post content discussions. The theme of the social strategy seems self-evident - talk about the business and a bit of CSR related info ...

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Book Reco: The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
19th March 2015   |   home

The first thing I would like to say is that this is one of the most difficult books I have read in a while. But it is also one of the most interesting ones? that has changed my world view forever. The author? Nassim Nicholas Taleb is una...

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