Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists get a terrific new e-commerce website
16th March 2015   |   home

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new website for the Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Association e-commerce website! Not only are we proud that it serves a wonderful purpose but also of the functionality and customization possible o...

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Quick Reads - Interesting links and articles from the web
25th February 2015   |   home

We are back with a new set of links and interesting articles that caught our attention! Here's Sony's new business strategy I always love following the progress of Sony Corp both as a consumer and as a businessman. They really are struggling t...

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How the 'internet of things' will impact your business. Nothing will be offline anymore.
17th February 2015   |   home

After the 'cloud' and 'big data' its now time for the 'internet of things' to take centre stage in the technology world. And like any new technology there is as much hype as there is reality. The truth is that the internet of things is already here...

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Why digital marketing has become more expensive in the last few years
6th February 2015   |   home

You want to promote your product or service online? You now have more options and tools than ever before. But it has also become more expensive. Earlier you could quite easily do a decent job with just a couple of? hundred thousand rupees but ...

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Quick Reads - More cool stuff we found online
2nd February 2015   |   home

Our curiosity takes us to interesting and informative stuff we hope you will like to read. An increasingly rare type of solar farm goes online in California by Katie Fehrenbacher Why Most Restaurants Featured on 'Kitchen Nightmares' Fail by Gene ...

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Website management - 5 ways to avoid a congress websites type debacle
27th January 2015   |   home

Was quite amused when I came across this article in Medianama. Apparently their? erstwhile webmaster feeling offended at not getting a par...

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Quick Reads - Another set of interesting articles from the online world
11th January 2015   |   home

Here's another set of very interesting articles I found online. 9 Extremely Clever Startup Funding Stories by Te-Erika Patterson - Entrepreneur Let's Not Discount Caution On Ecommerce - Ankur P Agarwal, Pricebaba Working Too Hard Makes Leading M...

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Customers helping customers - a new paradigm for online customer support
6th January 2015   |   home

Imagine you can drastically reduce your customer support costs and at the same time improve quality of service exponentially. And as a bonus you get terrific customer loyalty! Too good to be true? Welcome to the a new paradigm of customer ...

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Success in digital marketing requires a healthy dose of reality
3rd January 2015   |   home

Managing expectations is a large part of a digital marketers job profile. Expectations from clients or bosses or other divisions. Whenever we start any digital marketing campaign we always start with a whole lot of assumptions, many of which don...

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Attack of the clones - common designs and common websites
19th November 2014   |   home

I have watched the evolution of website design for over 15 years from simple text and link based sites to Flash based monsters to the light airy Html 5 ones of today. I am thrilled with the technology development and the way site scripting has evol...

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