Website management - 5 ways to avoid a congress websites type debacle
27th January 2015   |   Home

Was quite amused when I came across this article in Medianama. Apparently their? erstwhile webmaster feeling offended at not getting a par...

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Quick Reads - Another set of interesting articles from the online world
11th January 2015   |   Home

Here's another set of very interesting articles I found online. 9 Extremely Clever Startup Funding Stories by Te-Erika Patterson - Entrepreneur Let's Not Discount Caution On Ecommerce - Ankur P Agarwal, Pricebaba Working Too Hard Makes Leading M...

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Customers helping customers - a new paradigm for online customer support
6th January 2015   |   Home

Imagine you can drastically reduce your customer support costs and at the same time improve quality of service exponentially. And as a bonus you get terrific customer loyalty! Too good to be true? Welcome to the a new paradigm of customer ...

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Success in digital marketing requires a healthy dose of reality
3rd January 2015   |   Home

Managing expectations is a large part of a digital marketers job profile. Expectations from clients or bosses or other divisions. Whenever we start any digital marketing campaign we always start with a whole lot of assumptions, many of which don...

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Attack of the clones - common designs and common websites
19th November 2014   |   Home

I have watched the evolution of website design for over 15 years from simple text and link based sites to Flash based monsters to the light airy Html 5 ones of today. I am thrilled with the technology development and the way site scripting has evol...

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Quick Reads - Gems from my daily browsing online
23rd October 2014   |   Home

Andrew R. Flynn: Innovation: Mind the Gap 10 Must-Haves for Great Customer Service (Infographic) Facebook Learns People Hate Clickbait; You Won't Believe What Happened Next John A. Byrne: The Best Free Business Courses Online In September The L...

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Book Reco - Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle by Matthew Symonds
10th October 2014   |   Home

Its been a while since I enjoyed a good book on the software industry. Although this book is by no means recent and some of the stories are now a bit outdated, I still found it relevant and interesting. Oracle and Ellison have always intrigued m...

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How active is your digital initiative - the ultimate checklist!
7th October 2014   |   Home

Use this comprehensive yet simple check list to see if how active is your business's digital initiative. Items Points Your Score If your company has a website (Duh!) 5 If you h...

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Quick Reads - The world is getting more interesting everyday
26th August 2014   |   Home

As I read and browse online I am finding that the world is getting more interesting, quirky and cutting edge both in technology and thought processes. Here are some of the links that caught my attention. The Three Pillars Of Excellence: Availabili...

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The 3 Reasons your Business Needs an Explainer Video By Shea Harris
1st August 2014   |   Home

This post is by my friend Shea Harris who is the creator of I was very impressed with his work  and reached out to him for a guest post. Happily he obliged. I do hope you get an opportunity to work with him. Che...

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