How active is your digital initiative - the ultimate checklist!
7th October 2014
Use this comprehensive yet simple check list to see if how active is your business's digital initiative.



Your Score

If your company has a website (Duh!) 5
If you have updated the website in the last 10 days (Sending emails does not count!) 5
Is analytics plugged into your website (Don't know where you're going, any road will take you there!) 2
If management has reviewed the statistics at least once a month over the last 6 months (Wink if true!) 3
If your website have an enquiry form (and its working!!) 2
If you received genuine enquiries through the form in the last month (look up 'genuine' in dictionary) 2
If the management reviewed the number of enquiries generated in the last month (Oops) 1
If your website have a news section (Does'nt have to be CNN) 2
If the news been updated with at least 2 items in the last month (No news is good news ??!!) 3
If your website have at least 10 whitepapers/ articles/ case studies (Do we do those???) 2
If your company added at least 2 whitepapers/ articles/ case studies in the last month (What?) 3
Bonus if your site has at least 5 informative videos (Cats playing the piano do not count) 5
If a sales presentation is loaded on your website (We have a sales presentation??? Who made it?) 2
If your sales people are actively using the website on sales calls (Yeah right!) 3
If your website have a jobs section (HR... yoohoo.. where are you?) 2
If you updated the section with the latest job requirement in the last month 2
If you have a form where candidates can upload their resumes ( That would be really nice!) 1
If your website has been optimized by a professional SEO agent 3
If you have SEO ongoing on your website and are tracking since the last 6 months 2
If you have a company blog ( Blog shmog...we have a coffee machine) 5
If the blog has been updated at least once a week since the last 3 months ( Interns to the rescue???) 5
If you have a company newsletter (Blah blah blah..and more blah blah blah) 5
If you have sent a newsletter every month for the last 6 months (no spamming!) 5
If you have a Facebook page (Of course we do!) 5
If you have posted at least 3 times a week on the Facebook page for the last 3 months (Of course we haven't) 5
If your business has a Youtube channel (What now?) 3
If you have added at least one video in the last 3 months (Again...cats playing piano does not count) 2
If you created a special offer and posted it on your site in the last 6 months (oh we gotta do this man!) 3
If you mailed potential and existing clients about the offer (can't do this if we dont have an offer now can we??) 2
If you conducted a customer / visitor survey through your site in the last 6 months 3
If you mailed potential and existing clients about the survey 2
Total 95
Check your score. 0-35: It's not called an initiative if you don't do anything. 36-65: Glad you made the effort but you may be missing many easy to implement good reward actions 66-85: Superb! If the missing pieces make sense for you, do them too. 86-95: You don't really need this shit! Cheers, Ron
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