Jim Collins does it again - the brilliant 'Great by Choice' is highly recommended for all entrepreneurs.
8th November 2011

There is something about a Jim Collin's book that is spell binding. His writing style that combines real world examples with common business principles simply makes his books impossible to put down. What I love about 'Great by Choice' is there are brilliant business principles told in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Catchy titles  such as '10xers', '20 Mile Marchers', 'Fire Bullets, Then Cannonbals' make the lessons memorable and interesting. The easy writing style and interesting stories is backed by some hard research giving the whole book a lot of depth.

The authors advise primarily tends to rein in the wild business horses. No wild theories, no out of the world complex business models. Just plain old common sense logic and reasoning ? sometimes downright conservative advise. But for businesses and companies looking to make it big over the long term, its invaluable advise.

A lot of debate about Jim Collin's books revolves around the companies that he shortlists and highlights in his book. Many of the companies profiled in 'Good to Great' are no longer doing well. And again in 'Great by Choice' the debate rages over whether the companies chosen are appropriate or not. But it was always the authors assertion that the 'principles' outlined in the books are more important than the companies themselves.

In uncertain times when everyone is looking at the future with fear and uncertainty, this book acts like a stable anchor, gives hope that there is a way ahead to growing and securing your business for the long term.

Highly recommended for all entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

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