, now thats a great dotcom idea excuted well.
21st January 2010

I must confess?I am a book worm. I love to read, mostly business and self help books. I always had problems getting my hands on the latest business and self help books and was looking for a library which stocked such books. I could not find any such library in Mumbai, most stocked only fiction.

I also had a dream of owning a library of my own which would stock the kinds of books I liked and used the internet to subscribe to them. But like all great ideas if you do not take action, someone else will. did and I could'nt be happier.

The idea is very simple. To take our standard library online where people can browse, search and select the books on the site.

Which brings me to the point of this post....A Dotcom Must Execute Well.

  • Librarywala's books are dropped and collected on schedule.
  • Librarywala's website always works, zero glitches.
  • Librarywala's collection is good and always increaseing.

In a nutshell Librarywala delivers what it promises.?  The rules of business don't change just because you are a dotcom. You still have to deliver and execute. Fancy websites, cool graphics and wow concept don't mean anything unless you deliver on your value proposition. In Librarywala's case it was a library at your doorstep.

Kudos to them. I'm a fan. do visit

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