List of credit card payment gateways in India. Options for adding a payment gateway to your e-commerce website.
2nd March 2017

Credit Card Gateways in India have multiplied in the last few years providing e-commerce website owners a range of rates, fees and options to choose from.In a cost conscious country like India ultimately the rates are the key.

Here is our honest effort at listing all the available credit card gateways in India. Some of the details might vary over time and it's best to check with the gateway for the latest rates and fees. We will however endeavour to keep it as uptodate as possible.

Please read our disclaimer to ensure their are no misunderstandings later on.

1. CCAvenue:

CCAvenue is a leading Payment Gateway Service Provider, authorized by Indian financial institutions, to appoint Sub Merchants. CCAvenue is the largest Payment Gateway in India today. It currently powers more than 85% of the e-commerce merchants in the country. It offers the widest range of payment options which includes 6 Credit Cards, 53+ Net Banking, 98+ Debit Cards, 6 ATM Cards, 48 Bank's IMPS, 16 Prepaid Instruments and 12 Bank EMI, a bouquet that enables customer choice.
It offers two interfaces you can choose from:
-Variable Amount Interface.
-Shopping Cart Interface.

Set-up Fees: Zero
Privilege Set-up Fees: 30,000*  
Transaction Discount Rate: 2%*
Software Annual Upgradation Charges: 1200*

2. E-billing Solutions (EBS):

EBS, is the first Indian merchant account provider to achieve the PCI DSS 3.0 standards of compliance. It is also certified by security and process adherence followed and audited by ISO 27001- 2013 standard. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Ingenico Group. EBS is one of the most secured online service providers in the world.

Set-up Fees: Zero
Privilege Set-up Fees: Tailor made plan on request as per your business.   
Transaction Discount Rate:3.25%

3. DirecPay:

DirecPay is among the largest payment gateway solutions service providers in India. DirecPay is a secure, merchant-centric payment gateway service.Their services offer merchants cost effective solutions, various payment acceptance modes and a secure, robust technology platform.

Set-up Fees:
Privilege Set-up Fees:

4. PayUMoney:

PayU India is the flagship company of Naspers group which is a $25 Billion internet and media conglomerate listed on London and Johannesburg stock exchanges respectively. PayU provides state-of-the-art payment gateway solutions to online businesses through its cutting-edge and award winning technology.

Set-up Fees: Zero   
Transaction Discount Rate:2%*
Extra on AMEX card: 1%
Annual Maintenance Charges:Zero

5. Citrus Pay:

Citrus makes digital payments and online checkout processes simpler, faster, safer and easier for an 800 million strong electronically connected user base. It also powers zero click checkouts at select merchants such as Meru. Power packed with features that boost your checkouts and make your online payment experience seamless; Citrus Wallet is your pass to hassle free online payments.

Transaction Discount Rate:1.99% + 3 rs.
Annual Maintenance Charges:1200rs

6. Razorpay:

Razorpay is an online payment gateway which allows Indian businesses to collect payments online. Itis a payment gateway founded by alumni of IIT Roorkee. Razorpay's API is entirely REST based, and checkout experience is seamless, with no redirects away from your website.
They offer 24x7 support.

Transaction Discount Rate:2%

7. Instamojo:

Instamojo is India's largest on-demand payments & ecommerce platform. Instamojo has 4 powerful tools for different needs to make your transactions easy viz, Online Store, Online Identity, Versatile API's and Rich App Store.

Set-up Fees: Zero
Annual Maintenance Charges: Zero

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