Why many Indian companies struggle to leverage Social Media for their businesses
11th June 2018   |   Marketing

Everyone agrees that social media can be a powerful source for business and brand development. There is not a single marketing or communications manager who would dispute that. However there is a huge gap between what companies believe and how they...

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Social Media Management - Internal team versus outsourced, which is better?
28th June 2017   |   Marketing

Many companies are wrestling with the dilemma of whether to retain social media management within the organization or to outsource it to a proper digital marketing agency. Hiring a social media agency to manage the company's social profile can be ...

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LinkedIn or Facebook - choosing the right social media channel for your goals
6th June 2017   |   Marketing

Ideally your business should be active on both but sometimes due to lack of resources or time businesses must choose between one over the other. We are going to continue with the assumption that you definitely have to select one of these two. This ...

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Global versus local - the fight for autonomy in digital marketing activities
23rd May 2017   |   Marketing

We recently met with a global company which has a significant presence in India. The discussion focused on the fact that the local subsidiary were not happy with the resources provided to them for digital marketing, primarily their corporate websit...

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The Donaldification of marketing
24th April 2017   |   Marketing

  "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein. I watched with sadness as a client painstakingly crafted a one page long article about his business to b...

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Formulating a Social Media Strategy forces the business to look inwards
8th November 2016   |   Marketing

Most businesses are outward looking. They are either looking at the customers, markets or at competitors. A few departments by design such as HR might look inwards and the C-Suite might superficially look inwards during strategy making. Howeve...

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Take a head first dive into social media...5 tips for social networking success
28th October 2015   |   Marketing

Every day I take a head first dive into my social media world! I start splashing around on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels. I comment, I connect, I laugh and I think. Social media is not an experience to be had from the side of th...

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Digital Marketing Presentation to Management Students of Agnel
4th September 2015   |   Marketing

I recently had the privilege to give a one hour talk on Digital Marketing to students of the Agnel Management Institute. The talk covered key areas such as scope of digital marketing, key ideas and concepts and also a look at the various digital...

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The One Thing all social media strategies must have to be successful.
19th March 2015   |   Marketing

Clients often get caught in the 'what, where and how' of social media marketing. Hours are spent on budgeting and post content discussions. The theme of the social strategy seems self-evident - talk about the business and a bit of CSR related info ...

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Why digital marketing has become more expensive in the last few years
6th February 2015   |   Marketing

You want to promote your product or service online? You now have more options and tools than ever before. But it has also become more expensive. Earlier you could quite easily do a decent job with just a couple of? hundred thousand rupees but ...

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