Success in digital marketing requires a healthy dose of reality
3rd January 2015   |   marketing

Managing expectations is a large part of a digital

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Disavow, disavow, disavow...why SEO agencies are rolling back years of work
11th December 2013   |   marketing

When Google did a U-turn a few months back it turned the SEO industry on it

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The conundrum of SEO - the most game changing year in Search Engine Optimization history
26th November 2013   |   marketing

This has arguably been the most difficult and game changing year in the history of sear

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A very interesting and engaging Brand seminar by Parichay Consultants
18th November 2013   |   marketing

Last Saturday I attended a Brand seminar by Suneel Agarwal of

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Forrester Research kicks Facebook in the nuts, says Facebook is failing marketers
30th October 2013   |   marketing

We love a bit of controversy with the morning coffee and nothing better

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Is your social media campaign running on auto pilot? Wake up and take charge.
21st October 2013   |   marketing

You hired a social media agency like us to administer your compa

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E-zines - Are they still relevant in the age of social media and information overload?
3rd October 2013   |   marketing

There was a time that e-zines were all the rage. Everyone was creating them and I was su

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SME Toolkit India - Kick starting a social media strategy plan for your business
17th July 2013   |   marketing

The latest of our weekly posts to the ICICI SME Toolkit India Kick starting a social media stra

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Explaining web marketing to a music composer - a unique perspective.
25th June 2013   |   marketing

Recently was speaking to a friend who is a well-established music composer and something he said caught me by surprise. He asked, 'Aren't websites dead? Everything is on Facebook nowadays.' Aside from the fact that the statement

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Determine the objectives before you begin any social media initiative.
26th March 2013   |   marketing

I recently had a conversation with a client who had hired a freelancer to manage

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