Re-inventing search engine optimization - an old new approach
4th March 2013   |   marketing

A happier time. There was a happy time, a friendlier time, many many years ago when sex was dirty and the air was clean. It was also the time when search engine

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The Content Development Culture - Creating the content rich organization.
20th February 2013   |   marketing

A friend and client who recently took over as head of a large technology company recently wrote to me with the following: "I have found a lack of skills on content everywhere ? marketing creatives, sales collateral, product docu

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Interesting presentation on the perils of content marketing.
31st January 2013   |   marketing

An interesting presentation on the deluge of marketing content we are all exposed to. Enjoy.

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E-commerce re-targeting - Good idea or invasion of privacy?
14th January 2013   |   marketing

Imagine you walk into a store and select something you really liked but at the last moment change your mind. Aft

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Growing the web design pie in India - changing our attitudes and increasing cooperation
13th December 2012   |   marketing

Q. How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb? Ans. 1 to do the changing and 2500 to submit proposals for the contract for changing the light bulbs. Ok, so it may not be the best light

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Creating engaging content for your website without hiring an army of content writers
28th August 2012   |   marketing

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently a client asked for

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Selling online to children - a different approach to creating websites for kids and parents
29th June 2012   |   marketing

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently we have been handed se

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Is Flipkart doing all e-commerce players a big favour? Their latest TVC seeks to bring down barriers to online purchases
17th April 2012   |   marketing

The latest TV commercial from Flipkart is funny and entertaining and the use of kids is brillant. But more important are the taboos they are trying to break in the minds of our risk averse and cost sensitive Indian publ

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When your online strategy fails - Changing direction and re-engaging your website visitors
29th March 2012   |   marketing

The online world is littered with unsuccessful websites created with grandiose visions by their owners but just like the movie business, there are online hits and misses. Even the best of us have had well designed carefully planned websites do a

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