Beating the Google Panda update - How we transformed and brought traffic up to Pre-Panda levels.
16th January 2012   |   Marketing

More than a few months ago we were hit with the Google Panda shocker. Overnight our Infertility treatment related website lost over 30-40% of its daily traffic. Although the traffic was still substantial, the loss of th...

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Bringing older business clients online - overcoming their fears & providing guidance
6th December 2011   |   Marketing

I recently met with a prospective client who confessed that she might be too late in terms of getting her business online. Overall she is a superbly successful business person with years of experience behind her but some fears (justified and unjust...

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Online marketing on a tight budget - some tricks for low cost business promotion
15th November 2011   |   Marketing

A friend recently asked if I could suggest some ways he could market online on a budget. At this point in his business he did not have the budget for professional online marketing and was looking for low cost options. Normally I would strongly sugg...

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Birth of a new cottage industry - the production of Facebook 'Likes'
5th November 2011   |   Marketing

A friend likes to do a simple exercise - he takes a printout of the Facebook Wall of a popular (in terms of 'likes') fan page. He then starts circling conversations which are relevant and meaningful to the brand. Doing this he gets an idea of the i...

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Taking the time to building an opt-in database really pays of in the long run.
15th October 2011   |   Marketing

Trying to shoot a mosquito with an elephant gun We recently did a campaign for a client where we had to reach a certain group based on very specific criteria. Although we tried reaching them through mail campaigns and banner ad networks we seemed ...

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Move over technology - content is king. No gimmicks, just clean relevant prose works for websites.
14th October 2011   |   Marketing

Ever since the Google Panda update we have been recalibrating and in some cases outright redesigning our client sites to reflect the new reality of google and other search engines. The message to all us web designers is simple - 'Cut the bulls...

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Best social media strategy in India is to take the middle path and use common sense. The proper strategy should be rewarding and sustainable.
6th July 2011   |   Marketing

A friend alerted me to this article in the Economic Times about the dangers of overrelying on Facebook or any one platform for that matter.

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SEO BPO? Has India become the low cost SEO outsourcing destination? Overcoming the perception will be a challenge for genuine online marketing firms.
2nd July 2011   |   Marketing

I recently had to interview for an SEO expert and I received several resumes from persons working in 200+ teams at different firms. I was intrigued by how a 200+ SEO outfit works and how strategy is planned. Turns out no strategy is planned. These...

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Planning a dotcom? Hire us as consultants / advisors and boost the chances of your online success.
21st June 2011   |   Marketing

Dreaming of being the next Facebook or Linkedin? Have a great idea for a online business? Don't have a clue about starting a dotcom? Hire us as dotcom consultants. (There you have it... a straight pitch). Why do you need us? Starting a dotcom nee...

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The holy trinity of social media - Facebook, twitter and the blog. Aim them at an idea, concept or service you want to promote.
20th June 2011   |   Marketing

After the explosive growth of social media platforms it seems to be coming down to this holy trinity of social media - Facebook, Twitter and the Blog. And if you think about it, seems like a very complementary trio. Facebook fills the social quotie...

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