The future of SEO: Is Social Media Optimization a threat to Search Engine Optimization?
28th May 2011   |   Marketing

When I came into the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry I was crazy about Search Engine Optimization & I studied as much as I could about it. I was immensely lucky that I got the most open-minded boss possible, who always encouraged me and ...

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Social media integration - the definition of integration in the social media paradigm by Prashant Pinge
27th May 2011   |   Marketing

The golden age of social media has dawned. There is no knowing how long it will last. But businesses are scrambling to make their presence felt on this magical landscape that promises untold glory. Everyone knows about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter a...

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Leaders are readers, but do they have to be good writers too? The importance of creating compelling content in the new age digital marketing world.
21st May 2011   |   Marketing

I was inspired by this cool article by Sanket Nadhani of - How Writing Makes A Stronger You [And Why Entrepreneur Should Write] and it got me thinking about the importance of writing in today's world. If you read the article it ...

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Why I am making a blog compulsory for my clients. The challenges and issues of succesfully blogging for your business.
17th May 2011   |   Marketing

I must admit. I have become a blogging evanglist. I love blogging and i'm making sure my clients love blogging too. Why this compulsion for my clients to start and maintain their blog? In today's marketing environment all webites are saying pretty...

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Crafting an online identity - the art of personal branding by Prashant Pinge
8th May 2011   |   Marketing

When one thinks of identity, the first thing that jumps to mind is individuality. That every individual is unique is without doubt. And yet, social norms dictate so many of our actions and thoughts that we somehow tend to get absorbed in the crowd,...

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Interruption marketing is over. VALUE Marketing is in. Building an ecosystem of support and value around each purchase.
27th April 2011   |   Marketing

I was struck by this wonderful quote from a pdf  my SEO expert Shashank passed on to me: We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in. This pretty much sums up what marketers now have...

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Are you taking enough risks with your digital marketing strategy? Breaking out of the conservative Indian website designs mindset.
24th April 2011   |   Marketing

It always happens the same way. The client starts out enthusiastically to create something new and great and we are mandated to design something outrageous and highly creative. We put on our thinking caps and come up with something really out of th...

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Mix and Match: Finding the right digital marketing combination for your business.
12th April 2011   |   Marketing

Considering the bewildering array of marketing solutions and opportunities available for you its easy to get lost in the choices. Here's a quick primer on how to select the best marketing options for your purposes. Lets go step by step. Step 1. Le...

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The biggest Mall in the world - the Internet by Prashant Pinge
9th April 2011   |   Marketing

Malls are mushrooming all over India, in small and large cities alike. I happened to be in one a few days ago. And this was quite a large mall. There were so many shops all over. But what got me thinking was why some of the shops were doing better ...

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User Generated Content for your website - Inspiring your visitors
7th April 2011   |   Marketing

I was completely inspired by this video of Ze Frank explaining his various experiments and projects which look like the holy grail of user generated content. Individuals from around the world take part in his wacky and sometimes inspiring assignmen...

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