Democratization of web means every website has to become a politician - pitch for votes
1st April 2011   |   Marketing

We usually associate voting with scumbag politicians and their fake promises and plastic smiles. But now in this new age of web democracy every website has to garner votes to become popular and remain in power. Every click of a 'like' button or 'st...

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By Invitation - Branding basics by Prashant Pinge
28th March 2011   |   Marketing

When I started looking around for contributors to this blog, one of the first names that came to my mind was my dear friend Prashant Pinge. He is by profession a top class marketing and branding consultant but first and foremost he is a story telle...

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Has Search Engine Marketing Fundamentally Changed Over the Years?
19th March 2011   |   Marketing

A client pointed out recently that we seem to be using many of the same techniques for SEO that we were using 7-8 years ago. After the initial indignation I got to thinking about this. Those of us in the technology business tend to consider a chan...

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Will social media sites replace Blogs, has Facebook killed the blog? Not likely.
7th March 2011   |   Marketing

A recent study done by Pew Research Centre titled Generations Online 2010  threw up a host of questions regarding the relevancy of the blog versus the new social mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Here is an excerpt from the study... ...

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By Invitation - The new (online) world order - Sheetal Goel
3rd March 2011   |   Marketing

I have the pleasure of introducing a great friend and colleague of mine, Ms.Sheetal Goel. She has years of experience working in the online as well as the ad world.   Combined with  her  natural flair and naughty sense of humour she ...

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Blogs are a good alternative for those who cannot afford professional websites
22nd February 2011   |   Marketing

A part of being a professional design firm is turning down prospects who do not have sufficient budgets for professional web design. For those people we recommend a quick and easy way to get online using Blogs. Many blogging platforms are easy to s...

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Blog Sourcing - Getting your customers/users to write your blog.
14th February 2011   |   Marketing

A service I subscribe to with hundreds of book lovers sent me a lovely mail very nicely asking me to contribute to their blog. Of course this was sent to all their customers. They requested for any kind of contribution - like book reviews, your fav...

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Correct use of social media - drive traffic TO your site not AWAY from it
1st February 2011   |   Marketing

A very common mistake I see website owners do over and over again is to put social media links in a very prominent position on their sites sometimes even overshadowing their main message. Here is the thought I feel they should be aware of:Use Soci...

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Improve your brand by well designed touch points
15th October 2010   |   Marketing

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr I recently received a poorly drafted mail from a company whose service I was interested in. The mail looked like the dogs breakfast. Absolutely terrible!!! They then followed it up with a help documen...

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The Art Of Newsletter Management - Getting your organization to publish a regular online newsletter.
23rd December 2009   |   Marketing

Let me begin by making a simple statement. "The success of your newsletter effort will depend heavily upon the ability of your organization to send relevent information from all parts of the organization to a central responsible person". Most new...

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