Mix and Match: Finding the right digital marketing combination for your business.
12th April 2011

Considering the bewildering array of marketing solutions and opportunities available for you its easy to get lost in the choices. Here's a quick primer on how to select the best marketing options for your purposes. Lets go step by step.

Step 1. Lets list and categorize the various options available to any digital marketing person today:

By  Website - Company Website, Sales Site, Marketing Site

By Email - Newsletter, Updates & Alerts, Mass Mailing, Subscriptions

By SMS - Push/Pull Campaign, Mass SMS Sending, SMS as a service

By Social Media  - Pure social media (Facebook), business networking (Linkedin) or  update marketing (Twitter)

By Multimedia - Videos (Youtube), Online Presentations (Slideshare)

By Internet Paid Marketing - Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads and other ad networks

By Search Engine Optimization - Google Search and other search engines

Phew, with such a bewildering choice a marketing strategist can easily get confused.

Step 2: Lets define the target audience based on a few overall factors

Factor 1 : Income - Low, Middle, High

Factor 2: Age - Youth, Young Upwardly Mobile, Elderly

Factor 3:   Product Type - B-C or B-B

Factor 4: Cost of product - Low cost Commodity, Mid-range, High End Expensive , Luxury, Super Luxury

Step 3: Use Common Sense to mix and match

Now its a simple case of mixing and matching the right options based on the factors.

Eg.   A jazzy mobile phone will be target to 18-30 year olds, is mid-range, B-C, Middle Income. The ideal set of marketing tools would be a. Microsite, Mass Mailing, a few videos and large social media effort targeted towards the microsite. If I had the budget I would throw in some banner ads as well.

If you were selling upmarket flats then the mix would change as the target audience would be - 25-45 year olds, Middle-High Income, B-C, High End Expensive. The idea would be to build trust and the marketing mix would include Main Site (Builder's site), Highly Targeted Mass Mailing, a localized SMS campaign, and a lot of paid ads using Google, Yahoo and banner networks. What people see often they tend to trust.

Of course I might be simplying this but my idea was to give you an idea and is not meant to be a treatise on digital marketing.


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