Move over technology - content is king. No gimmicks, just clean relevant prose works for websites.
14th October 2011

Ever since the Google Panda update we have been recalibrating and in some cases outright redesigning our client sites to reflect the new reality of google and other search engines. The message to all us web designers is simple - 'Cut the bullshit - just keep it real'.

That does not mean that we lose our creativity, just that it has to be channeled differently. What I mean by different is in 'content discovery' i.e. the way visitors browse your site and in 'content clarity' i.e. original content cleary written.

Recently I came across this wonderfully obscure product description of a major tech company -

"It's a unique way to build consensual (opt-in) mobile number property at every customer touch point and engage with relevant rich content to reduce sales cycle, optimize marketing spend, up-sell and cross-sell."

Wow, what a mouthful, even if you can dissect the statement to find what they are actually selling (mobile number capturing system at the sales point) it will leave you dazed. Obviously written by a techie with no intervention from a copywriter.

Years ago the main team components of a web design project were the project manager, designer/visualizer and a code/programmer and maybe if budget permitted a copywriter. Clients used to give content which we just slapped into the design and we are were done. No more.Content writers have become not only an essential ingredient of our team but also an indispensable one.

So take a real good look at your site. Is it a technology packed, jargon filled, state of the art bomb? Or is it a refined to the point, simple and clear user friendly sales engine. Your choice.


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