Expansion of the 'Google Tax' will really hurt the web design and digital marketing industry
Posted on 28th December 2016, News

News that the infamous 'Google Tax' might be expanded to more online services is a nightmare scenario for digital service providers like us. Already burdened by a 15% service tax, the additional 6% will create an unrealistic 21% levy on digital services. Consider the following (courtesy "Besides this, the committee had also recommended to include other services such as advertis

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Google Apps goes Gangnam style, all paid!! Wop wop!!
Posted on 10th December 2012, News

Time for all us freeloaders and moochers to find some other super reliable FREE email service. Google Apps no longer is free. Although they will not close free accounts created earlier (maybe hoping we will shell out the $50 for each mailbox..ouch). Is the Google Apps paid version worth it? Definitely, if you can afford it. Got this really nice letter in the mail? Hello from Google, Here's some import

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Posted on 9th November 2012, News

I first read this article a few days ago, an interview in Inc magazine of Jason Goldberg, founder of in which he mentions his Indian web development team several times. Today morning I read this story on Medianama

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MiracleworX Web Design celebrates 10 years in business - and onwards to the next 10 years.
Posted on 2nd June 2012, News

When Woody Allen, the noted comedian and actor, was asked the secret of his success, he simply said, 'Show up'. And we have being 'showing up' and delivering for the past 10 years. We have some good times and some bad times, good jobs and bad jobs, good clients and not so good clients, but throughout

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Is Google Apps Business version too expensive for India? An appeal to Google.
Posted on 5th March 2012, News

Firstly I must start with saying how much I love Google Apps. I use it for my business and I recommend it to my client who have email requirements below 10 mailboxes. But many of my clients fall between the 10-150 mailboxes range and going for the paid solution at Rs.2000 per mailbox is too much. Compared to hosting solutions which are now dirt cheap, Google Apps is incredibily expensive. You can now get VPS hosting solutio

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IABC Western India Chapter - Communication Lighthouse, looking at change and crisis through the PR lens.
Posted on 3rd December 2011, News

The first in the series organized by the Western India chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). The speakers were highly experienced professionals who had come to share their ideas and time and that was highly appreciated by everyone. Normally these events are always a mix of high energy talks and some routine slideshow presentations and this was no different. One thing that stood out was that the topics were ve

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Internet Explorer usage drops dramatically in India in the last 10 months. Chrome the biggest gainer. FireFox is flat.
Posted on 7th November 2011, News

According to the latest stats from StatCounter GlobalStats, one of the worlds largest commercial website statistics service providers, Internet Explorer usage has dropped significantly and Chrome has jumped by almost 15%. Firefox usage remains flat. The crossover took place sometime in August where at one point all three browsers almost had equal share at 33%. See

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Paypal increases transaction limit to USD 3000 with RBI nod. Some relief for online merchants
Posted on 15th October 2011, News

Some relief for online merchants in India dependent on Paypal for their online payments from abroad. With RBI?s nod Paypal has increased the limit from USD 500 to USD 3000. However the other restrictions such as remitting the money within a week etc. remains in place. For the official Paypal take on it. https://www.thepayp

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Online advertising revenue surpasses print revenue advertising in the US. India still has a long way to go though.
Posted on 18th April 2011, News

An interesting piece of news released by which caught my attention and may be a major indicator of things to come - Online advertising revenue has surpassed Print newspaper ad revenue in the US. Print ad revenue is estimated at $22.8 billion while online ad spend stands at $25.8 bil

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IAMAI releases report on online commerce in India - shows a whopping 31,598 crores in ecommerce transactions
Posted on 23rd March 2011, News

IAMAI in association with IMRB International has just released their 'Report on Online Commerce' in India. You can download the report from here The report overall seems bullish on India's growth in ecommerce services. The report predicts  net commerce in India as INR 31,598 crore

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