Google's Latest Shakeup - What it means for website owners in India
1st March 2011   |   News

The day the earth stood still - for Google that is. The latest algorithm shakeup has shaken up the web design and seo coummunity. Everyone is scrambling to check how it affects their sites. Here's the post on Google's own blog - ' Finding more...

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India's 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable by Netcore and IAMAI
27th February 2011   |   News

Attended the 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable held jointly by Netcore and IAMAI. Panelists included Ratish Nair- Co-founder at Ad Magent, Gulshan Verma, Country head - Komli Media, Sankarson Banerjee, Chief Information Officer - India Infoline, Sand...

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Tata Communications, what the hell are they selling anyways?
18th February 2011   |   News

Here we go again, another telecom company wanting to be the anything and everything of the small business community (SMBs). They are not doing through the organic development but rather through a third party vendors route, reselling establishe...

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Internet Explorer still rules in India but Firefox and Chrome catching up fast
3rd February 2011   |   News

According to the latest stats from StatCounter GlobalStats, one of the worlds largest commerical website statistics service providers, although Internet Explorer still rules the roost in India, Firefox and Chrome are fast catching up.   ...

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BigRock - Directi's Bhavin Turakhia goes mass marketing
2nd February 2011   |   News

Directi's Bhavin Turakhia BigRock backed by Directi founder Bhavin Turakhia goes public with high budget TV ads and direct to market advertising. In the process he probably wants to bypass the huge channel of resellers, web designers, softwar...

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Indian Government -1, Paypal - 0
1st February 2011   |   News

Blogs across India are grieving over the sad demise of the Paypal service in India. It may not be completely dead but certainly is on life support. Check out this post mortem by Amit Agarwal

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A round of thanks for a great year
24th December 2009   |   News

I would like to wrap what most probably be the last post of 2009 (We're going on a small break) with a round of thanks. A big Thank You to my brilliant team - Sonali, Sachin, Smit, Leena & Aakanksha for thier fantastic efforts and hard work. Y...

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