Professionalism, Masterchef Australia and what web designers can learn from them.
29th November 2011   |   other

I am simply blown away by the professionalism of the popular food show Masterchef Australia. I am not particularly a foody but presentation and setup of the show really caught my attention and kept it there for an entire season. It speaks volumes ...

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Why doesn't India have a web designer and developers association? Its high time this industry organized itself and implemented standards.
29th April 2011   |   other

I have been in this business for nearly 13 years. In these years I have seen our industry grow from a fledgling outcrop of the software industry to one which has grown into a huge industry in itself. The web design and development industry in India...

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A graduate of - my four and half years at India's best dotcom
29th March 2011   |   other

My education notwithstanding  I am a product of I joined at the age of 21, my first real corporate job. Before that I had several small time entrepreneural ventures such as assembling computers, teaching basic computer courses, wri...

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There's more to life than 1's and 0's - Sheetal Goel
24th March 2011   |   other

Apologies for disappearing after my debut article. I can make an excuse that I was unwell, that I was travelling, that workload didn't permit me, etc. Or I can tell you the truth. I got a Blackberry. If you have one too, you're probably sniggerin...

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Hopelessly addicted to
5th February 2011   |   other

I have to confess i am hopelessly addicted to What is it? Its a topical website and content discovery website where your tastes and interests are matched to throw up relevent and very very intersting webpages, videos, cartoon...

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