Putting the Social back in 'Social Media Marketing'
9th December 2009

Clients are wondering whats the brohaha about this Social Media Marketing thing. Most are respected businessmen who are quite adept at 'Social Marketing'. Many have an enviable network of contacts, friends and business associates. Its when you put the 'Media' into the mix that things really heat up or confuse up, take your pick.

The various tools from the wacky 'Twitter' to the sublime 'Facebook' have really muddied the waters for something which comes very easily to most businessmen i.e. Networking. The gadgets and gizmos, the features and the upgrades, the bells and whistles just blur the fact that Social 'Media' Marketing is most importantly about Human to Human contact.

People tend to bunch or group naturally by religion, hobbies, special interests, charities or anything all of them have in common. Whenever such a group interacts they need some infrastructure whether its as humble as a table and a few chairs in a coffee shop or advanced as a chat room on a website.

Ultimately all social media marketing involves

  • Communication
  • Sharing
  • Bonding
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Learning
  • Some tangible benefits
  • Most importantly FUN.

Successful social media marketing is about these Underlying Core Values rather than the tools and gadgets on top. A 'Facebook' , a Twitter, a blog is only effective if it brings people together in COMMOM HUMAN PURPOSE.

Many so called social media marketing 'experts' have overlooked this and promise to get thier clients onto whatever is flavor of the month.

Any tool is only as good as the hand that weilds it. Its specially true for Social Media Marketing tools.

Wish you all the best.. may your social network tribe increase.


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