Quick Reads - A set of interesting links and articles from our online wandering
21st August 2015

NYC gets 500 solar powered eco-friendly food trucks

This is a story we love. Delicious food and environment friendly to boot!

Jon Stewart, Superboss by Sydney Finkelstein

One of the comedic geniuses of our time is also a superb leader who grooms more leaders. A salute to Jon Stewart!

Sri Lanka will be the first nation to test Google's ambitious new internet project

What sounded like a loony idea is quickly becoming reality! Google's project loon will be tested on the tiny island nation. A great initiative for Sri Lanka which is recovering from decades of war.

What Made Google Great May Be Its Biggest Risk by Steffon Davis

An interesting take on Google's strengths and weaknesses.

Abandoned Japanese golf courses to become solar farms by Springwise

This story made my day. We love this idea!

What's that thing hanging from lampposts and power lines?

Seriously? However a very interesting physics concept!

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