Quick Reads - Another set of cool links from the online world.
Posted on 28th September 2015

Here they are:

Mind-Blowing Video Shows The Solar System At True Scale With The Earth The Size Of A Marble by Sophie Brown

We all love awesome science experiments especially ones made to scale!

Larry Page and Sergey Brin paid $1,700 a month to rent the garage where Google was born (GOOG) by Eugene Kim

This is one way to become a millionaire! Rent out your place to the founders of Google! Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki is part of the leadership team at Google and an advocate for the rights of women in the workplace.

Google Is 2 Billion Lines of Code?€"And It?€?s All in One Place by Cade Metz

If you ever wonder what makes Google tick? Its two billion lines of code! This is information, programming and database at a mind blowing scale.

The 22 books you should read before you quit your job to start a business

Normally we are not so much into book lists but this is a really good list and deserves a mention here!

Why People Are Drawn to Narcissists Like Donald Trump by Michael Maccoby

Who doesn't love Donald Trump, right? Here is a look at how the narcissistic personality works.



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