Quick Reads - Another set of interesting stories and links from the web
5th June 2015

Its a mix of the poignant and the quirky. Here is another set of interesting stories and links.

Lifesaving bindi is a wearable iodine supplement by Springwise
This is what I call out of the box! A lovely solution for a lovely population.

Breaking the Death Grip of Legacy Technologies by Willy C. Shih - HBR.org
A look at breaking out from the past and adopting the future.

How Farmers Can Use Data to Push Back Against Big Ag
Big Data comes to the farm. The 'Farmers Business Network' - a terrific idea whose time has come.

Nikon made a camera that lets dogs take photos of things they like by Mike Murphy - Quartz
A quirky but cool tech; don't know how much use it really is of.

Here's how Marc Benioff tested Satya Nadella before deciding to cozy up with Microsoft
Always love these insider type stories of famous people. When it involves MS, its doubly interesting.

U2 Refuse To Be Ignored, Perform Incognito In World's Most Ignorable Music Venue by Joe Berkowit - Fast Company
A band that refuses to conform to the world's rock and roll stereotype!



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