Quick Reads - Interesting links and articles from the web
Posted on 25th February 2015

We are back with a new set of links and interesting articles that caught our attention!

Here's Sony's new business strategy
I always love following the progress of Sony Corp both as a consumer and as a businessman. They really are struggling to find what the brand stands for in this new digital world with Apple & Google as competitors.

Visualizing Sun Tzu?€?s The Art of War by Scott Berinato - HBR.org
This classic is as old as the hills and has been translated, interpreted and studied all over the place. But Jessica Hagy has brought a very new and refreshing aspect to it in a very visual way.

Jason Calacanis: Microsoft is interesting again -- very
You can hate it or love it, but you cannot ignore it. The perennial gorilla in the technology mist - Microsoft is doing some interesting things and Jason Calacanis finds it quite interesting.

Richard Branson: The Importance Of Taking Notes
A very simple and impactful message from the God Father of branding - Richard Branson himself. A must read for all entrepreneurs and businesspersons.

Apple to Build $850M Solar Energy Farm in CA by cnbc.com
Solar energy facinates me and here is another interesting story about Apple Co (which also facinates me) using solar.



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