Quick Reads - Some stories and articles making waves
27th April 2016

Here's another round up of quick reads that are making waves on the net.

This company secretly runs the internet - now it's raised another $8 million to rule everything else, too

Very few people have heard of Nginx (pronounced "Engine-X") but it powers 49.2% of the top 1000 busiest websites in the world.

Apple pulled a staggering $40 million worth of gold from recycled devices last year

One of the world's richest companies also makes tons of money from its own scrapped devices! An incredible $40 million. That's more than most companies annual turnovers.

What payment companies & banks are saying about the Unified Payments Interface

With India introducing the Unified Payments Interface, overall response has been positive.

We're closer than ever to solving the mystery of alien broadcasts coming from deep space

A break in the famous 'Wow!' case. It's comets, duh!

These 5 battery companies want to take you off the grid

Power storage technology is improving at an ever increasing pace and these companies are at the forefront of making power storage at home ubiquitous.

Google reportedly considering an acquisition of Yahoo's Web business

This was probably one of those things that would have made history or atleast created one hell of a buzz.

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