Quick Reads 4th July 2018 - A round of interesting stories from the web
4th July 2018   |   Quick_reads

This time we have an eclectic mix of links from the web. From pet friendly offices to AI's that can fool humans. It's Bring Your Dog to Work Day! What You Need to Know to Make Your Office Pet-Friendly. by Danielle Bernal, D.V.M. https://www.entr...

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Quick Reads 6th June 2018 - A round of interesting stories from the web
6th June 2018   |   Quick_reads

These are stories which caught our interest when browsing the web. They are as varied as they are interesting but all have something to do with either technology, e-commerce, business or work life. You'll be More Productive When You Stop Believing...

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Quick Reads - 9th November 2016
9th December 2016   |   Quick_reads

Why Google is Going 100 Percent Green Google aims to power all its services using green energy sources and it makes business sense as well with unit prices falling.

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Quick Reads - Some stories and articles making waves
27th April 2016   |   Quick_reads

Here's another round up of quick reads that are making waves on the net. This company secretly runs the internet - now it's raised another $8 million to rule everything else, too Very few people have heard of Nginx (pronounced "Engine-X") but it ...

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Quick Reads - Another set of cool links from the online world.
28th September 2015   |   Quick_reads

Here they are: Mind-Blowing Video Shows The Solar System At True Scale With The Earth The Size Of A Marble by Sophie Brown We all love awesome science experiments especially ones made to scale! Larry Page and Sergey Brin paid $1,700 a month to r...

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Quick Reads - A set of interesting links and articles from our online wandering
21st August 2015   |   Quick_reads

NYC gets 500 solar powered eco-friendly food trucks This is a story we love. Delicious food and environment friendly to boot! Jon Stewart, Superboss by Sydney Finkelstein One of the comedic geniuses of our time is also a superb leader who...

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Quick Reads - Another set of interesting stories and links from the web
5th June 2015   |   Quick_reads

Its a mix of the poignant and the quirky. Here is another set of interesting stories and links. Lifesaving bindi is a wearable iodine supplement by Springwise This is what I call out of the box! A lovely solution for a lovely population. Bre...

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Quick Reads - Interesting links and observations from the web
3rd April 2015   |   Quick_reads

Here's another set of articles and links which we loved. Jony Ive Was Almost Fired By Steve Jobs by Anything about Steve Jobs facinates us and something as interesting as this definitely caught our attention. http://cultofmac....

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Quick Reads - Interesting links and articles from the web
25th February 2015   |   Quick_reads

We are back with a new set of links and interesting articles that caught our attention! Here's Sony's new business strategy I always love following the progress of Sony Corp both as a consumer and as a businessman. They really are struggling t...

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Quick Reads - More cool stuff we found online
2nd February 2015   |   Quick_reads

Our curiosity takes us to interesting and informative stuff we hope you will like to read. An increasingly rare type of solar farm goes online in California by Katie Fehrenbacher Why Most Restaurants Featured on 'Kitchen Nightmares' Fail by Gene ...

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