Quick Reads - Another set of interesting articles from the online world
11th January 2015   |   Quick_reads

Here's another set of very interesting articles I found online. 9 Extremely Clever Startup Funding Stories by Te-Erika Patterson - Entrepreneur Let's Not Discount Caution On Ecommerce - Ankur P Agarwal, Pricebaba Working Too Hard Makes Leading M...

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Quick Reads - Gems from my daily browsing online
23rd October 2014   |   Quick_reads

Andrew R. Flynn: Innovation: Mind the Gap 10 Must-Haves for Great Customer Service (Infographic) Facebook Learns People Hate Clickbait; You Won't Believe What Happened Next John A. Byrne: The Best Free Business Courses Online In September The L...

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Quick Reads - The world is getting more interesting everyday
26th August 2014   |   Quick_reads

As I read and browse online I am finding that the world is getting more interesting, quirky and cutting edge both in technology and thought processes. Here are some of the links that caught my attention. The Three Pillars Of Excellence: Availabili...

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Quick Reads - Interesting articles and links from the web
26th May 2014   |   Quick_reads

Here is another set from my digital wanderings. 5 Dirty Secrets About the U.S. Economy by Umair Haque Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Strategic Thinking Is Wrong by Will Yakowicz How Data Visualization Answered One of Retail?€?s M...

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Quick Reads - An interesting mix of recent articles
18th March 2014   |   Quick_reads

Here are a few interesting articles I came across on my loitering on the web. Enjoy. Amazon launches 'Pickup' services in India, starting with Mumbai & Delhi Why One Executive Quit Business Travel Cold Turkey by Dan McGinn - Jason Ca...

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Quick Reads - A few good articles found browsing
16th December 2013   |   Quick_reads

For your reading pleasure? Amazon testing delivery with drones, CEO Bezos says by Reuters Steve Faktor: Why I Should Be Google's Next CEO Amazon Turned a Flaw into Gold with Advanced Problem-Solving by Michael Skok India could replace the US as...

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Quick Reads - Some very interesting links I came across online
15th November 2013   |   Quick_reads

As with my ramblings on the net here are a few very interesting articles and blogs I came across. How to Win (Almost) All the Time by Geoffrey James The Real Lesson Behind Amazon's Sunday Delivery by Erik Sherman Six Drucker Questions that Simpl...

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Quick Reads - A few interesting articles and blogs from my daily browsing
7th October 2013   |   Quick_reads

As always I found a very interesting ( atleast to me) mix of articles and ideas. Enjoy You Can Win Without Differentiation by Freek Vermeulen - 20 Motivational Business Quotes to Read Every Morning by Joe Pulizzi - LinkedIn Influencer -...

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Quick Reads - A few links and articles I came across on my online wanderings
8th August 2013   |   Quick_reads

Hi, As usual another set of links and articles I came across on my online wanderings. Want to Know What Really Makes You Happy? Try Tracking It Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Creating a Community By 2017, India Will Have More Developers than the U...

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Quick Reads - A collection of interesting articles and links
20th June 2013   |   Quick_reads

On my wanderings on the net, came across these interesting articles and links. Winning at Their Own Game : The Business Benefits of Gamification The Building Blocks Behind Better Conversion Rates As Facebook grows up, grand ambitions get rea...

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