SEO BPO? Has India become the low cost SEO outsourcing destination? Overcoming the perception will be a challenge for genuine online marketing firms.
2nd July 2011

I recently had to interview for an SEO expert and I received several resumes from persons working in 200+ teams at different firms. I was intrigued by how a 200+ SEO outfit works and how strategy is planned.

Turns out no strategy is planned. These outfits only take on routine mundane link buildng work from overseas clients. Marketing strategy, planning etc are not required from these firms. Just good old fashioned donkey work BPO style.

It is obvious that if India were a good destination for other BPO services it would also be good for SEO services as well. But the challenges technology companies are facing due to India's image as a low cost low end services provider will affect the SEO industry as well.

Try convincing an overseas client that you can create strategy, planning, budget allocations and overall execution when he has LC-LE (Low cost - low end) SEO on his mind. Its a tough sell.

Its always tough to move up the value chain when the majority of your industry is selling itself as a low cost no brains required out sourcing service.

So should these firms stop, of course not, its thier business and justified too. But somewhere along the way it must be communicated that India can take on high value high end SEO work too and deliver it superbly.

As a side note I have noticed that a lot of these low end SEO outfits are shutting shop since outsourced work from the west is drying up (hence the resumes).


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