Start With Why by Simon Sineck - I'll tell you why you should buy this book!
13th January 2012

I have been wanting to get my hands on the book by Simon Sineck (of Ted Talks fame) - 'Start with Why'.

I finally managed to get a copy and was not disappointed. Simon's lucid and clear style of writing and explaining of intellectual concepts was engrossing.

Why should you buy this book?

If at some point you have hit a ceiling or are frustrated with the progress of your career, business, marriage or any other activity into which you have put your time then this book is for you. It helps you get back to your roots - the all important WHY. Reading the book and answering this question can give you a lot of clarity about where you are and where you were originally planning to go. Reading this book will help you make course corrections and get back to basics.

On the flip side Simon seems to be a die hard Apple fan (which can be irritating at times) and the book is replete with examples from Apple. But it does serve to illustrate the points he is trying to make.

One thing that  study and reflection has taught me is that for some reason we usually get a lot of things backwards i.e. put the cart before the donkey so to speak e.g.  money before satisfaction etc. This book will help you sort out your priorities and get you straight forward.

Highly recommended for all those who have travelled a fair distance in their lives and need to recalibrate themselves.


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