Dealing with fragmented data sources - a constant challenge for web designers
18th March 2013   |   strategy

Once a website is completed its practically a complete picture of the client?s business. It

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Applying Micheal Porter's Five Forces Model to the Web Design Industry
4th February 2013   |   strategy

Micheal Porter's Five Forces industry analysis and strategy development is a staple in most business schools. Having come across it again in book I was reading I decided to apply it to our web design industry to see what kind of analysis we get.

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What e-commerce websites can do to encourage impulse buying - it's tricky but possible.
18th December 2012   |   strategy

This post is inspired from a discussion on the FB group Digital Marketing Ideas. The question asked was - 'Can we trigger impulse buying through digital mark

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Guide stores and the merging of online and offline e-commerce for consumer confidence.
23rd November 2012   |   strategy

Struggling with customer confidence in your online store? Here is the answer for you - Guide Stores. What is a guide store? A guide store is a physical store which acts as the real world companion to your online e-commerce webs

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On Auguste Rodin's 172nd birthday, let us all think!
12th November 2012   |   strategy

Anyone who may have opened the Google homepage will be reminded of Auguste Rodin's 172 birthday

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Bridging client requirements with your company website services
7th November 2012   |   strategy

Web designing has for long been associate with marketing and advertising of products and services. Due to this many other factors of having a great website get overlooked. Recently a client took me on a tour of his business and we review

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Does a web design firm need a strategy and why its important for the firm's clients.
16th May 2012   |   strategy

In the old days web design used to be a pretty static affair. You created the site, you did a

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Carrying out a long duration (2-3 months) e-commerce or website project - use sprint and drift approach
26th April 2012   |   strategy

We are at the fag end of a long 3-4 month development cycle for one of our clients. Although la

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Are dotcom entrepreneurs cluttering the marketplace with unworkable services and products?
9th January 2012   |   strategy

The media today is awash with stories of dotcoms starting, getting funding and as quickly closing do

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Building customer trust in your website. Getting over the trust deficit and building loyalty.
15th September 2011   |   strategy

A major problem often faced by e-commerce owners is the trust deficit by visitors to the site. It usually blindsides most e-commerce owners as they are more concerned about product specifications and other technical details of the website. They

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