An alternate to e-commerce delivery problems - product pickup!
28th February 2014   |   Strategy

The conventional wisdom says that e-commerce is about convenience. E-commerce is about your selected products showing up at your doorstep. Unfortunately reality is a bit more troubling. Especially in India E-commerce vendors are struggling t...

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E-commerce market in India has woken up again - things are looking good.
11th October 2013   |   Strategy

There was a time in the last year that seemed to be the death knell for e-commerce in India. The sentiment had turned negative and small entrepreneurs were holding off on their e-commerce investments. Needless to say, interest in getting e-commerce...

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SME Toolkit India 5 Reasons why web design projects stall and how to avoid them
4th July 2013   |   Strategy

Another article of mine for? CICI Bank?€?s SME Toolkit India.? I write under the section ?€?Web Strategy for SMEs?€?. 5 Reasons why web design projects stall and how to avoid themEnjoy, Ron ...

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SME Toolkit India - 5 Secrets to help you get the most out of your business website
26th June 2013   |   Strategy

Have recently started contributing articles to ICICI Bank?s SME Toolkit India. I write under the section ?Web Strategy for SMEs?. Here is the latest article. 5 Secrets to help you get the most out of your business website Cheers, Ron ...

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When 'startup' becomes a dirty word - why e-commerce websites are failing in a bad economy
15th May 2013   |   Strategy

The news is grim for the e-commerce industry in India. Every day we hear about another e-commerce shop folding up. Those that are too big to close are laying off employees, a precursor to winding up. Its truly sad as the industry has a lot of ...

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Dealing with dinosaurs - why most Indian companies are still not ready for the new digital world
22nd April 2013   |   Strategy

When I think of dinosaurs I think of slow, massive, lumbering beasts that went extinct thousands (maybe millions, forgive my lack of Jurassic knowledge) of years ago. Most Indian companies today seem like those dinosaurs - slow, lumbering giants, c...

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Dealing with fragmented data sources - a constant challenge for web designers
18th March 2013   |   Strategy

Once a website is completed its practically a complete picture of the client?s business. Its a time capsule type snapshot of the company, its values, its products or services and all other related information. But getting together this information ...

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Applying Micheal Porter's Five Forces Model to the Web Design Industry
4th February 2013   |   Strategy

Micheal Porter's Five Forces industry analysis and strategy development is a staple in most business schools. Having come across it again in book I was reading I decided to apply it to our web design industry to see what kind of analysis we get. Th...

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What e-commerce websites can do to encourage impulse buying - it's tricky but possible.
18th December 2012   |   Strategy

This post is inspired from a discussion on the FB group Digital Marketing Ideas. The question asked was - 'Can we trigger impulse buying through digital marketing?'. And it got me thinking about the times when I purchased online on impulse, a...

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Guide stores and the merging of online and offline e-commerce for consumer confidence.
23rd November 2012   |   Strategy

Struggling with customer confidence in your online store? Here is the answer for you - Guide Stores. What is a guide store? A guide store is a physical store which acts as the real world companion to your online e-commerce website. A guide store ...

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