The future of digital marketing is divergence not convergence. An ever increasing set of options for business owners and opportunities for digital marketers.
1st June 2011   |   strategy

13 years ago when I started in this field there was only web designing, we did not have to worry about SEO or any other areas or options. Slowly the services tree expanded into 2 branches then 4 and so on and so forth. Today we have a whole tree

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Web strategist - Why Indian companies should develop websites with a coherent web strategy
5th April 2011   |   strategy

A pet peeve of mine since a long time has been Indian companies developing websites without formulating a

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14 practical ideas for what you can do with a business website
31st March 2011   |   strategy

Sitting recently with a client we started throwing out ideas on what we can do with their si

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A difficult leap for online service providers going from free to paid services
10th March 2011   |   strategy

Slowly and steadily the freebies on the net are being withdrawn and paid services introduced in

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Websites at the bottom of the pyramid - Low cost web design in India, an opportunity?
7th February 2011   |   strategy

Everyday we read these ads in the paper offering web design services at extremely low rates   and I wonde

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Using Websites to Support Charitable Causes
29th January 2011   |   strategy

More and more charities are going online with their promotions and fund raising activities. The net has become a blessing for many cash strapped organizations who can now promote themselves without having to spend a bundle. Charities can

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The concept of a Chief Web Officer
24th October 2010   |   strategy

Going through peer blogs I came across this term - CWO Chief Web Officer, a term similiar to  a CFO, CTO, COO or CEO. Nice to see this but miles from it being a reality!! What would be the role of the CWO? In a nutshell

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Localization of websites servicing neighbourhoods
17th June 2010   |   strategy

Earlier the dotcom projects that use to come (and some still do) were the conquer the globe types. They wanted to service everyone from Los angeles to Timbukto. Most of these entrepreneurs dreams were supported by

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Evaluating your dotcom idea - avoiding the dot bombs
21st May 2010   |   strategy

Every week i am approached by youngsters (and sometimes not so young-sters) asking to evaluate their dotcom i

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Selling encylopedias in the time of Google and Wikipedia
2nd February 2010   |   strategy

I was disturbed on a lazy Sunday afternoon by a young man trying to sell Encylopedia Brittanicas. That got me wondering..does?  it make sense to sell these costly, bulky books when resources such as google and wikipedia are just a mouse cli

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