Strategy, now thats a great dotcom idea excuted well.
Posted on 21st January 2010, Strategy

I must confess?I am a book worm. I love to read, mostly business and self help books. I always had problems getting my hands on the latest business and self help books and was looking for a library which stocked such books. I could not find any such library in Mumbai, most stocked only fiction. I also had a dream of owning a library of my own which would stock the kinds of books I liked and used the internet to subscribe to them. But

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The Interested Client: Case for taking interest in your website.
Posted on 11th December 2009, Strategy

One of my favorite clients has a very good habit. Every time I go to him for a meeting he  is ready with printouts of the website statistics, reports of the enquiries he received and a set of questions and doubts he wants to

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Will It Work Online? A Frequent Query
Posted on 7th December 2009, Strategy

I met with a client this weekend who presented his business to me and we talked about how to setup an ecommerce solution. Like many other prospective and existing clients he asked me 'Will it work online?'. I personally feel any business can make it work online. Its just a matter of strategy and time. Lets look at both, strategy and time. Strategy: Picking the right strategy is the most

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