Tool reco - Gliffy, a wonderful new online charting tool
28th January 2014   |   technology

Creating diagrams, charts just became a whole lot easier. Used this tool f

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The perils of going with a generic ready to use e-commerce solution.
11th June 2013   |   technology

Woke up today to the news of a major name in ready to use e-commerce websites has entered India. The

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Planning multi-region websites - centralized or decentralized approach
10th January 2013   |   technology

Recently we had a meeting with a client with divisions across several countries and we were discussing how to plan the website architecture. This client has chosen a centralized integrated approach i.e. all site updations for all regions will be

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Hostage to hosting - A web developers best friend or worst nightmare
23rd October 2012   |   technology

The dreaded call early in the morning - 'my site is down', from a client. On going online you realize the server is down or the database connection has failed. The hosting company was doing some server maintenance at night and your website data

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Two very useful tools to improve your website's content discovery by search and tagging
26th September 2012   |   technology

We are always looking at ways to help make our client website's content easier to find for visitors. This involves tagging, crosslinking, also reads and ofcourse searching. Some places we can use ready tools and at others we have to do a DIY pro

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Interactive reading - Completely changing the way we take in information.
1st August 2012   |   technology

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently I have become the

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Making sense of the dozens of web hosting options - Cloud, VPS, Dedicated or Shared?
15th March 2012   |   technology

Web Hosting used to be a lot simpler a few years before. You had limited choices, you basically chose a Linux or Windows server and just went with it. If you had more than one site you bargained a good package from the hosting provider. Nowadays

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Upgrading a website can be a complex job. Some thoughts and ideas on making a smooth transition to the new website.
9th August 2011   |   technology

Most websites have a shelf life of maybe 3-4 years. This is not because they were poorly made to begin with but the speed at which web technology is evolving the older sites start to look like poor country cousins compared to the newer launched

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Improve bounce rates and time on site with an intuitive context driven navigation rather than category driven navigation.
23rd July 2011   |   technology

This month we have to redesign, revamp and reorganize the content of two client sites with a lot of information and pages. Normally we would take a linear approach, categorize the content and then provide a simple navigation to browse the conten

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