The rise and rise of Jquery. What is the future for Flash? Flash v/s Jquery a head to head comparison.
16th May 2011   |   Technology

I never liked Flash. But as a web designer i had no choice but to use it to deliver certain effects which were required for some sites. I must admit that we did some pretty awesome sites using Flash but remaining reliant on a proprietory technology...

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The battle for - a struggle against cyber squatting and identity theft.
10th May 2011   |   Technology

We just won a small battle against cybersqatting and identity theft concerning the domain MIRACLEWORX.INFO. Last August some Ukranian guy quietly registered this domain and copied our site (previous version) and pretended to be us. He misrepresente...

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SAP looking into gamification in its software solutions. A new era of productive fun for the working class maybe?
5th May 2011   |   Technology

While doing research for a new website for a SAP consultant client I came across this very interesting link

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The value of cybercafes in India. Is it the beginning of the end for cybercafes or do they still hold value?
2nd May 2011   |   Technology

I was reading about the draconian new rules being instituted to control Cyber Cafes in India. Read Nikhil Pahwa's excellent take on this issue. It got me thinking about the value cybercafes still have in India. With ever increasing household ...

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The concept of gamification - Are Indian businesses and web developers upto the challenge?
14th April 2011   |   Technology

A new concept taking the online industry by storm is 'Gamification'. The concept of Gamification revolves around rewarding users for performing set tasks in a certain manner and creating a reward structure around the overall performance of the task...

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Solve Duplicate Content Issues by Using a Canonical Web Address
16th February 2011   |   Technology

Duplicate content is having identical content on two or more pages on your site and it can harm your website rankings; here I will discuss how you can cope up with this to boost your ranking in Google. The most common problem - an...

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Adding the new rupee symbol to your website.
27th January 2011   |   Technology

Prof Udaya Kumar with Ron It was indeed a pleasure to see the new Indian rupee symbol come onto the world stage. It makes me proud as an Indian. Having met the creator Prof.Udaya Kumar from the Design School, IIT Guwahati I know its an excelle...

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A quick checklist for building a comprehensive ecommerce site
11th November 2010   |   Technology

Many clients and prospective clients come to us with an incomplete view of what it would take to start an e-commerce business or an online business. So here's a quick checklist covering all the points you need to cover from start to finish. Not...

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Worried about Bounce Rate of your website?
4th August 2010   |   Technology

Image by dannysullivan via This is the question most of the people are worried about, how to reduce the bounce rate of the website when the website gets ready, we all get into promoting it, submit to directories, link building,...

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How to Link Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Fan Page Wall
15th July 2010   |   Technology

   We all must be having our personal account on Facebook where we update our status, share information, videos, links, and pictures with friends but when it comes to promote a product or service on Facebook, how are you going ...

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