How the World Uses Internet
Posted on 16th June 2010, Technology

The world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. i.e. 22% of all time online or one in every four and half minutes. The numbers of people visiting the social media sites and blogs have increased by 24% over last year. The average visitor spends 66% more time on these sites than a year ago,

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Understanding Web Analytics
Posted on 27th January 2010, Technology

Analytics is software that generates metrics of a website.   Long before Google Analytics came into picture, most of the webmasters were dependent on Log files while others used web counters. Why is there so much hype around Web Analytics? Web Analytics is a powerful tool for measuring the success of your website, your products and services. It helps you in analyzing the website and its real time data initiates continu

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Credit Card Payment Gateway Pricing Comparisons
Posted on 9th January 2010, Technology

Click here for the latest updated list of credit card payment gateways The success of any ecommerce or subscription based website depends on the efficiency and reliability of the credit card gateway provider with which you have linked your site. Of all the fac

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Object Oriented Programming In PHP
Posted on 6th January 2010, Technology

Object Oriented Programming, as the name implies, is about programming with objects. But what exactly is an object? An object is an entity that encapsulates properties and behaviour that is specific to that entity. This might sound a little strange, but it really is not. Objects are all around you. The magazine you are holding is an object. Some objects can consist of even more objects. The articl

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Adding credit card payment options to your website in India
Posted on 5th January 2010, Technology

Click here for the latest updated list of credit card payment gateways Many years ago we did not have many options for adding credit card payment gateway to our ecommerce sites and we had to rely on COD, Cheque/DD to accept payments. All that changed with the gam

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