The concept of a Chief Web Officer
24th October 2010

Going through peer blogs I came across this term - CWO Chief Web Officer, a term similiar to  a CFO, CTO, COO or CEO. Nice to see this but miles from it being a reality!!

What would be the role of the CWO? In a nutshell

  • Plan the business web strategy
  • Prepare and pass a budget for the plan
  • Allocate internal resources or appoint external vendors
  • Oversee overall execution
  • Measure results and report to the board

Is this a marketing position or a technology one? Is it at par with CTO or CFO or below them? Does the CWO report directly to the CEO?

I guess that would depend on how seriously the company takes its web strategy. In the near future we will seriously start seeing CWO designations in corporate life. This probably applies to non-tech, non-web  companies only where web strategy is an extraneous thing.

As per my experience currently the role of the CWO ranges from the CEO himself taking it on to it being pushed off to a junior executive. But it certainly has not been institutionalized.

So here's to the Chief Web Officer - may his tribe increase.


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