The democratization of content through social platforms has begun.
Posted on 25th September 2015


The content war is spilling out of the company and personal blogs and onto the social media channels. A resurgent LinkedIn fresh from the purchase of Slideshare and Pulse (an app I highly recommend) has thrown open the doors for content generation by its members and frankly the results are very encouraging. Along with it is Medium which has also joined the public content fray.

A resurgent Linkedin versus the sophisticated Medium.

Although the LinkedIn publishing platform is not feature rich, it is simple and easy for anyone to quickly post a thought piece. But the real benefit of LinkedIn Pulse (as the publishing platform is now called) is that the moment you post, your network gets to know about it! So think of it as a super charged blog platform mashed into a social network.

Giving LinkedIn some competition is the uber chic Medium which till recently only posted editorial articles but now has thrown open its doors for anyone and everyone to post. Medium is a far more sophisticated platform which is ideal for long thought pieces which are beautifully written and researched.

Medium has an excellent readership and is known for high quality content, which might take a beating now, with all the hoi polloi contributing to it. It still is a formidable platform and remains a favourite of some terrific writers.

The amount of content being generated has exploded but the quality of most of it is abysmal as personal opinion pieces take the place of well researched and thought out articles. A lot of content being posted currently on these platforms is repackaged or 're-purposed' as they call it.

To stand out in this clutter and to create a following will require really high quality content. The best authors on both sites will continue to be those who write beautiful well crafted pieces but it will now take us more time to find these gems in the ocean of mediocrity that is being released everyday.

However the good news is that we now all have the power to become influencers and its now much more easier to create a following. Early bloggers who worked hard to create a loyal following might be astonished at how rapidly an unknown writer will rise to fame in this new content world.

Does this democratization of content mean the end of editorial as we know it? Only time will tell. Right now only one phrase comes to my tired (it's a Friday) mind, 'Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war ( and content)'.



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