The holy trinity of social media - Facebook, twitter and the blog. Aim them at an idea, concept or service you want to promote.
20th June 2011

After the explosive growth of social media platforms it seems to be coming down to this holy trinity of social media - Facebook, Twitter and the Blog. And if you think about it, seems like a very complementary trio. Facebook fills the social quotient, Twitter is a form of micro-blogging and the blog is well? a blog.

Between these three any business can project a very healthy social footprint combined ofcourse with the main website. So how would a business ideally use these three in combination? Best answer would be to support each other in putting out the message.

When to use Facebook?

Facebook would be ideally used to post a message which needs dialogue with customers. The post has to be provocative enough to evince a response from your visitors. It would be posted on the Wall and someone from your business should ensure that responses are going out to people who are commenting on your post.

When to use Twitter?

Twitter would ideally be used as a fetch-em kind of post where you summarize and link to (small link) either the website or the blog. Multiple twitter posts can be used to highlight multiple areas of a single facebook post, blog post or website article.

When to use the Blog?

A blog entry would be ideal when its too long for a Facebook entry and too short for a website article. Ideally it could enunciate the idea put forth on Facebook and give meat to the argument. Ultimately a blog post will fade away just like the Facebook debate and the Twitter post.

All three are temporary to provoke discussion and awareness about an idea, concept or service.

Ultimately these are short horizon tools which can be used in small bursts to promote an idea, topic or service offering. Each post on Facebook, Twitter or Blog has a shelf life within which maximum advantage needs to be taken. Therefore it makes sense to aim them towards a single goal.

All three are not mutually exclusive and have to be used in tandem to generate the right level of engagements.

I am normally asked how many blog posts should I do or how many twitters should I send in a day. The answer - as many as it takes. Use common sense. You have to promote and support your idea, concept or service. These services are like Carnival hucksters who used to shout out the attractions and get the crowd gathered around.

Form an overall theme and then feed information to each of these services.

Start with the idea or concept. Outline it and then fill in the information. Then decide what should be fed to what. Twitter will require small pieces, Facebook slightly larger updates and the blog can have a full blown analysis of the concept.

Lets take a small example to illustrate usage of these tools.

Idea: Want to promote a 'Water Bowls' project where water bowls are placed on street corners so that thirsty dogs, cats and birds can enjoy a refreshing drink during the summer heat.

Twitter: Start with small idea openers like..

- Ever notice how these poor animals on roads suffer in the summer heat?
- A friend gave us an execellent idea about helping animals..stand byfor more info.
- A concrete water bowl cemented to the street filled with water..what an idea sirji.
and so on?

Facebook: Posts would go something like this..

- How many stray dogs do you have in your neighbourhood? Have you noticed if any of them look thirsty in the summer heat?
- We were discussing this and someone came up with a great idea, a concrete water bowl cemented to the street filled with water. What do you think?
- Our first water bowls rolled out today in the suburbs of Mumbai..looks like its going to work.

Blog: Here the discussion can be more academic?but not necessarily boring.

- The summer heat takes a toll on all of us but spare a thought for those poor animals on the street. What can we do for them?
- The water bowl project takes off. Here's a look at how it works and how you can join and contribute.

Combining all three and responding actively to interest generated you can create a lot of support for any idea, concept or service.


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