The One Thing all social media strategies must have to be successful.
19th March 2015

onethingClients often get caught in the 'what, where and how' of social media marketing. Hours are spent on budgeting and post content discussions. The theme of the social strategy seems self-evident - talk about the business and a bit of CSR related info and you are on your way.

But such strategies will sooner or later hit a wall. After all your employees and clients have joined, the momentum will abruptly stop. Your social media campaign cannot be just about your products or services. This is because something is missing. Something important!

What's missing is simply this:

"What Do You Stand For In This World?"

It has to stand for something more than its own self. It's a stand that your company takes in the industry, in the community and in the world.

It does not have to be complicated. Neither does it have to be very serious or dramatic.

An agriculture / seeds company can be a stand for 'Ending World Hunger'.

A website design company can be a stand for 'Embracing New Technology'

A construction company can be a stand for 'Quality Of Life'

An ice cream company can be about 'Fun & Timepass'

A baking goods company can be about 'Successful Home Bakers'

Once this stand becomes clear than the scope for the campaign increases manifold. Your business becomes the centre of that stand. Gets known for and is appreciated for that stand.

So the question to ask before you embark on your social media strategy is what do you stand for?



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