There's more to life than 1's and 0's - Sheetal Goel
24th March 2011

Apologies for disappearing after my debut article. I can make an excuse that I was unwell, that I was travelling, that workload didn't permit me, etc. Or I can tell you the truth.

I got a Blackberry.

If you have one too, you're probably sniggering or nodding your head in understanding. I mean, I've turned into an unblinking, zombie-like, crazy person who behaves like her entire life is in her handheld, attached to the end of her arm. I'm awed and wonderstruck by what this little device can do and the kind of apps that are available to make your digital experience more ?.errr?.enriching (ok?fun!)

Suddenly, my social life has turned on its head! I'm simultaneously online on the Blackberry messenger (oh you magical little software?.I'm going to write a poem on you sometime soon), Yahoo, MSN, Gmail and another miracle of mankind - Whatsapp! And of course, any important email is delivered to me on my shiny new BB in a snap. I wonder how I ever functioned without this little gadget.

On the downside, my personal life has taken a beating. I've found myself spending way too much time checking my friends' mostly useless status updates on Facebook, some partly read books are lying in a dustpile somewhere, and my daughter (all of 14 months!) has started shaking her head in disgust the moment I pick up the phone and start playing with it.

I had been hanging in this state of indecision about whether all of this is good or bad for a long time but I got the answer this morning when I asked my husband.

"You know what they say about life - that it's not just black or white and that it's all the shades in between.?  I realised its true even for digital technology when I started getting interested in quantum computing. You ask anyone about the digital age and they will tell you it's all about 1s and 0s. If you've heard anything about Quantum Computing you will know that even electronic life is no longer about 1s and 0s. It's going to be about everything in between.?

Frankly, I haven't really understood what quantum computers are and why they are going to change our lives (I read somewhere that even a grain of sand can potentially be a quantum computer) but I think I still found my answer somewhere in what my husband said.

Life is not about 1s and 0s only. It's about everything in between.

(Sent on my BlackBerry?® from Vodafone)

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