Three web design trends that are hot right now!
17th June 2015

newideasWeb design evolves just like technology and also goes through its own fads and style periods. Designing also changes with the evolution of technology particularly CSS and JavaScript evolutions.

1. Pictures tell the story

Large images stretching across the page overlaid with tactically relevant copy is in.

Opening some sites can take your breath away due to the lovely images that blaze across the screen. No longer those thin sliver of images overlaid with a large menu.

All the elements on the page have some breathing room and are specifically separated from each other by wide margins. This is to help with mobile friendliness as well as to reduce clutter. This is the new open design paradigm.

2. Scrolling instead of clicking

There was a time when clients insisted that the homepage should end at the first scroll! That's quite pass © now.

Going from page to page on mobile screens can be tedious. As much information as can be represented is placed in single pages so that visitors only have to just swipe and scroll! Special jQuery/CSS libraries like the Parallax effect can make the pages very interesting and interactive.

3. Action oriented human centric approach

Lengthy narratives are out. Punchy lines with call to action buttons are in!

Gone are the days of the verbose copy filling a page with para after para. Today it's all about the punchline. It's about giving people only the most relevant information and asking them to take an action.

People also want to be spoken to like human beings instead of the normal corporate spiel that populates most sites.

We are lucky to have some clients who have understood this and allowed us to adapt their sites to the new paradigm. As for the rest, well, I'm sure they'll come around.

Some sites that use these elements beautifully (some are our clients and some are not)

Our very own



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