Tinder's unique interface is really catching on...swipe swipe swipe
2nd September 2015

swipeTinder has become ubiquitous with dating through its excellent interface (personal note, am happily married, interest is purely academic). Using a simple slide interface it provides a fun and easy selection process.

This process is now being copied across sites and across verticals. Today I saw a ' tinder' for fonts. It allows you to browse fonts and like or dislike them. It's the ultimate judgemental tool.

Not only apps but also websites have started adopting this interesting format.

Behind its success lie two important aspects - simplicity and judgement. Simplicity in its use, what can be simpler than a swipe. Also with only one item getting our complete attention, it eliminates distractions. Judgement though is the icing on the cake. Like Caesars of ancient Rome we can simply thumbs up or down anything we like or don't.

It's actually quite ingenious and surprising that it's taken so long to catch on. Of course Stumbleupon has been using it for quite a while now.

It's a concept that can be applied to virtually any vertical where users are required to choose and evaluate. The flow can be curated and controlled by the source and can adapt the selections as per the users previous choices, in a way gaming the system.

Lastly it's a made for mobile system where there is a limit to what can be displayed on the screen.

So, happy swiping...swipe swipe swipe.


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