What I would like to see in a new and improved LinkedIn
14th June 2016

Microsoft-Linkedin-ReThe big news of the week and probably month is Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. People have analysed from every angle whether this is a good thing or not. I want to take a much simpler approach to this merger. As a common user I would really like LinkedIn to improve and become more relevant.

I would like to see LinkedIn become less buggy. Currently there are many places where the interface is buggy and not very? smooth. I hope Microsoft can enable them to make it cleaner and more streamlined.

Change from just a job oriented portal, which does not work well anyways, to a more business networking orientation. This would include value for money features that actually help the individual improve his/her network.

I would also like to see LinkedIn add more teeth to the Endorsements feature so that they become more meaningful.

The purchase and integration of Pulse and Lynda are definitely good steps but would like to see a tighter integration with the portal. Pulse is definitely going the right way with excellent opinion pieces being shared on it.

If I had to summarize, I would say the thing I want most is for my LinkedIn profile to matter, carry weight and impact my business and career in a more meaningful way.


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