Why I donated ALL my books to librarywala.com
Posted on 7th March 2013

librarywalaYup, all my books, about 150 of them, gone, donated to librarywala.com. Its no secret that I am a big fan of their service and have been a regular subscriber for over 3 years now. So what were the reasons for letting go of my precious collection? Read on.

I rarely re-read my books.

I had a great collection of self-help and business books. But I rarely re-read any of them. They were nice to look at in our living room shelf but were collecting dust. This way others can take advantage of them and I save a lot of space in my home. Also my wife thanks me for not filling the home with books. Happy wife = thumbs up.

Librarywala.com delivers unfailingly. I can request for them at any time.

In the 3 years I have subscribed to them, they have never failed to deliver the books I wanted. Right on my doorstep the very next day. Which means the books I want to read are just a click away. This means that effectively they have nullified the need for storage of books.

Initiatives like librarywala.com need to be supported and encouraged.

For book lovers, they are a god send. I cannot even calculate the amount I have saved in buying new books. Now I have to very occasionally buy a book when its not available on librarywala but after i finish reading it, guess where it goes. Yup. So for the sake of book lovers everywhere ? Subscribe, donate and enjoy.

I will now stop gushing about Librarywala.com and simply encourage all book lovers to subscribe.

Visit www.librarywala.com


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