Critical checklist for preparing your e-commerce website

Setting up an e-commerce website can be one of the most complex and confusing operations even with a good web design team. It involves coordination with different vendors, price negotiations, subjective evalutions, branding decisions, logistic decisions and much more.

Although it is difficult to take a linear approach to creating an e-commerce website we have created a high level checklist of all the aspects of creating an e-commerce website. Many of them need to be done concurrently and will dependent on each other for completion.

So here's the checklist.

  • Identify your market space by product segmentation
  • Identify your market space by Geography
  • Identify your target audience
  • Identify your product differentiation or USP factor
  • Appoint agency to design a logo, collaterals, packaging etc.
  • Create a list of product categories to offer on the website
  • Create an inventory list of categorized products you will offer on launch
  • Identify and appoint a web design agency to create the e-commerce website
  • Take photos of the products or collate them from vendor sources
  • Identify a payment gateway to take card payments online. Negotiate terms
  • Hire a copywriter to write your website sales content and product descriptions
  • Decide and write your returns policy, terms & conditions policy and privacy policy.
  • Tie up with courier agencies for logistics and product delivery
  • Appoint a web marketing agency for search engine optimization strategy
  • Appoint a web marketing agency for social media strategy
  • Appoint a web marketing agency to setup PPC ads.
  • Setup a customer support team to provide support to customers online
  • Subscribe to an online support system, preferably with ticketing and live chat functionality
  • Setup a newsletter system to send customers updates and information
  • Test your website for usability
  • Do dry runs for product delivery and customer support scenarios.
  • Launch site
  • Review site statistics and customer feedback to continually improve the site.
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