A Holistic Approach to Web Design
21st December 2009

Nowadays a Holistic approach has become very popular where doctors not only treat the symptom but also the entire body, mind and soul. Its  acknowledgement of the fact that the overall well being contributes greatly to the health of an individual.

For many years now we have being websites for clients and were quite happy doing so till we realized that although we were addressing the client?s website requirements brilliantly we were not participating effectively in their  marketing efforts. We were also losing precious revenue which they would be only too happy to pay us.

Enter Holistic Web Design

We began by asking ourselves what are the needs of the clients that we are trying to fulfill. At the root of it is ofcourse the communication needs of the client between their clients and prospects. This need could be in sales, marketing, customer service, or even intra-company communication.

We immediately broadened our product offerings to include

Webdesign + CMS driven AMC + Newsletter System + Online Catalogues + SEO + Social Media Marketing + Website on mobile (Our latest).

We can now approach our clients communication needs from different directions

Need to hightlight sell products/services -> website + seo
Need to communicate company messages to clients and employees -> newsletter system
Need to reach out to prospects in a less formal enviroment -> Social media marketing
Need to give clients information on the move -> Website on mobile solutions

We can now provide for an all round approach to the clients communication needs.

And it makes great business sense too.


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