Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is where we bring together experience, creativity & hard work to produce amazing results

Search Engine Optimization

Getting to the top in Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Banner ad campaigns to get the best paid results.

Social Media Promotions

Selecting the right social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Blogging / Content Marketing

Showcasing your industry expertise in a creative and interesting manner.

Newsletter / Direct Mail Marketing

Highly targeted mails designed to produce the best response.

Digital Marketing Agency of Mumbai
Digital Media is a world of its own, with far wider reach than traditional media, much higher rate of consumption, and much higher competition.
  • Analysis: Our experienced campaign managers conduct through analysis of your website, your industry/market, target audience and your competitors.
  • Strategy Formulation: Unique strategy is formulated based on the information gathered during analysis, and your digital marketing goals. This strategy is then shared with your team to take in their inputs on the same and ensure everybody in on the same page.
  • Implementation: You campaign Manager will undertake the implementation. If any inputs are required from your end, your manger willcontact you for the same. Day to day implementation is your campaign manager’s responsibility.
  • Monitoring: Your campaign manager will monitor your project on regular basis to ensure that things are going as planned. Minor tweaks and adjustments are made by the manger on need basis. We use multiple tools to monitor the strategy implementation so that we have a 360 degree view of how things are moving.
  • Reporting: Your campaign manager will send you monthly reports to keep you apprised of our efforts and where things stand as on end of the month. These monthly reports, also offer an opportunity for your campaign manager to discuss if the strategy is working as planned or any alterations need to be made.
Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is budget based. After studying your requirements we will propose a minimum monthly budget and additional options as well. Depending on your approach, either aggressive or passive, you can decide how much to spend.

Some initiatives will give you fast results such as SEM banner marketing, while others like SEO or Social Media will take time to produce results. The speed of results is a function of your industry and the budget you decide on.

Selection of social media platforms depends on your individual requirements but most of our digital marketing campaigns do include these three social platforms. For some clients we solely rely on SEM and do not engage on the social platforms.

Our SEM services include advertising on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other relevant shortlisted websites which can generate traffic and sales. We start with creation of banners, selection of keywords/ websites and monitor the progress throughout the life of the campaign. Periodic tweaking of the campaign is done to ensure efficacy.

We will provide monthly success reports which will give you a summary of the various factors which can be measured during a campaign. For e.g. for the website we look at number of visitors, bounce rate, country/ area wise breakup of visitors etc. For a social platform we might measure likes, number of conversations, click through etc. All factors are measured on a timeline to show progress over the weeks or months of a campaign.

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