Amateur web designers are leaving clients high and dry - the solution - hire professionals
1st April 2013

Three cases recently highlighted the menace of amateur web designers and how they leave clients high and dry in spite of being paid.

Case 1 : A good friend cannot access a wordpress website

A good friend called recently asking if there was any way to hack into a wordpress account. Apparently the designer whom he had hired to do a client's website had disappeared without handing over the access details. Since the site was a mess and they could not access it to update it, my friend was in a real jam.

Case 2: A prospective client spent a small fortune on a wordpress site but now the designer cannot give him the time.

This highlights the dangers of amateur web designers getting overwhelmed with work and being unable to service their clients. The web designer told the client that she would be able to give him time only a month later! Unacceptable by any standards. If your web designer is unable to scale up to serve you then you are going to be stuck.

Case 3: A friend and colleague is embarrassed and stuck when his 'friend web designer' fails to deliver.

A common practise is to catch a 'friend' who is into web design, even if he/she is an amateur. But if the friend is not equipped or does not have the necessary expertise then your web project is going to be either delayed or become a train wreck as my friend discovered. Hire friends only after doing your due diligence about their capabilities.

What you should expect from a web designer big or small

A. They should be able to support the project after completion through a maintenance contract.

B. The designer should be able to provide additional services to scale up the website and improve it.

C. The web designer should promptly respond to any requests by the client.

D. The web designer should hand over all access related information such as user names and password relevant to the client website.

E. Although not always feasible, its a good idea to get a backup copy of the website on a CD or pen drive.

Trying to save money in the short term leads to a long term losses.

This is something I have seen over and over. Trying to save costs by hiring a friend or an amateur might save you a few bucks in the short term but in the long term could end up doing a lot of damage to your business and your reputation when you site does not work as it should. Hire a professional firm which has the capabilities to grow and support your online initiatives.

Would you go to an amateur doctor, accountant or architect? Then why an amateur web designer?

Sometimes people just don't appreciate how important a website can be for their business. They would not want an office in a building designed by an amateur architect or show their teeth to an amateur dentist. So why choose an amateur web designer.

Our commitment is absolute. We have clients who have been with us for over 8-10 years.

We have been in business for over 10 and a half years and we have retained many client for over 8-10 years. This shows our commitment and that we are here to stay. In an ever shifting web design world we have planted our flag firmly in the ground and our clients can always count on us to be there for them.

So the next time you are looking to create a website no matter how small, do consider it as an investment, and hire a professional.


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